OsmAnd Routing

You can take an interactive tour using the the OsmAnd app. This is open-source software using the open-source OpenStreet Map. Available for iOS and Android. (There are also other apps and even GPS units that can use the “GPX” map format you get when you tap the button below.)

NOTE: This takes several steps to set up, and might require a little bit of patience to get it working.
For non-techie users, it will just be easier to print out the PDF file with the turn-by-turn directions.

  • Download the “OsmAnd” application for your phone,
    • from the Apple App Store for iPhones and other iOS devices
    • from the Google Play Store or “F-Droid” for Android devices
  • When it prompts you to install standard maps, select North America -> United States -> New York
  • Come back to this web page on your phone’s web browser
  • On your phone, tap the button below labelled “Take the Golden Roads Tour”
  • When you see the raw GPX XML file, tap the download button (icon with a down arrow) to save the Tour file to your phone
  • Open your file manager. The “Golden_Roads_2021_Spring_Daffodil_Tour.gpx” should be the most recent file listed there
  • Tap the three dots to the right of the file (at least, on an Android phone) and tap “Open with.” You should see OsmAnd as an option. Select it.
  • NOTE: if you’ve already imported this file, that step won’t work, just re-open the app and click on “My Places” in the menu, and select the “Tracks” tab at the top of the screen.
  • From the “Overview” screen, tap on the “directions” button, which is a blue diamond with a right turn arrow on it.
  • Tap on the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen. You may need to wait for it to load.
  • Another way to take a tour with OsmAnd is to import the route as a series of points. The OsmAnd website describes how:
    •  add the points you’d like to visit to Favorites
    • go to My places-> My favorites and tap the flag icon in the bottom.
    • Now you can choose the locations to visit.
    • After that, tap the flag icon once again. You’ll see them all as map markers on the top of the screen.
    • Tap the ⋮ button to add them to the route.
    • You can also sort the markers from closest to you to the farthest or vice versa.
    • To order markers or change the order, just tap the right upper button on the map markers screen.
    • You can also add waypoints after the route is calculated. Just tap on the map and choose Add as last intermediate waypoint.
    • You’ll be able to arrange the waypoints after that.
    • Choose your starting point in the navigation menu. You can start the route from your current position, a Favorite on the map, the point on map you select or a particular address.

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