Spring Daffodil Driving Tour

Welcoming you to Lewisboro with over 55,000 roadside daffodils!

Lewisboro’s Golden Roads

Our tour of over 55,000 roadside daffodils, planted by the Lewisboro Garden Club and community volunteers over the last 16 years, begins with thousands of daffodils, including 1,500 tall golden yellow Gigantic Star planted in 2020, at Vista Community Park on Route 123at East Street. Now head north on Route 123 and note the daffodils planted along Vista Fire Department’s roadside.

Continue along 123 and bear right on Elmwood Road, where many residents have added daffodils to their roadsides. The triangle garden at Shady Lane, planted and cared for by the garden club, has scores of colorful daffodils. Arriving at Onatru Farm on your right, you’ll find 7,700 daffodils at the entrance drive and along the stone wall.

More golden yellow daffodils are in the Alice Poor Memorial Garden, on the side of the farmhouse at Onatru Farm. The garden is designed and cared for by the garden club.

Continue north on Elmwood and turn left on West Lane and continue straight on Spring Hill Lane. Turn right on Route 123 to the end, then left on Route 35 in South Salem. ThistleWaithe Learning Center on right has 4,000 daffodils. Note the daffodils planted by the South Salem Animal Hospital. Continue on to the Route 35 and Spring Street (west section) intersection, with its large rejuvenated daffodil planting. Turn right onto Spring St. and see the 2,400 daffodils, on the left, on the State Police Station lawn. Stay on Spring Street and note the daffodils at the flagpole garden at Spring and Main Streets. Take a sharp left onto Main Street and see the 4,000 daffodils on the Town House Lawn. Note the many daffodils planted by the library. Continue on and turn left on Bouton Road and view the triangle garden daffodils. Now look at the thousands of daffodils at the Town Offices (former LES) on the left. Continue on Bouton and turn right onto Route 35.

Continue west on Route 35 and note the many daffodils at Mead St. and Rt. 35, planted by the Waccabuc Landowners Council. See more daffodils on the left at the Route 35 and Mark Mead Road intersection in Cross River. Continue driving west on Route 35 to the Cyrus Russell Community House on the left with its 6,000 daffodils. Drive into the parking lot for a closer view of the daffodils.

Go back (east) on Route 35, turn left onto Route 121 (North) and enjoy the thousands of daffodils beautifying both sides of the road at the John Jay High School campus.

Continue on Route 121, then turn left at Route 138, now left on Indian Hill Road then take first right into Fox Valley Park to see the thousands of daffodils to your left. Turn around in the parking lot and return to Rte. 138 where you turn left and take left at first light onto North St. Now turn right on Route 22 then right onto Wild Oaks Road and note the 400 daffodils at the traffic circle with Park Road, planted by the GBHO, where our tour ends.

Although our driving tour starts in Vista, you could also start in Goldens Bridge or Cross River.

Golden Roads Daffodils is made possible by community donations and from daffodil bulb sales; and by over 50 daffodil volunteers planting thousands of bulbs each year. 2022-2

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